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Our proposal for a bicycle master plan of Red Hook re-imagines the city in terms of the mobility associated with this mode of transportation. Lying somewhere between the speeds of pedestrian and vehicular activity, this form of mobility challenges the ways in which we experience the city. Currently, cities around the world (Amsterdam, Portland, Copenhagen, Boulder, Davis, Sandnes, Tronheim, San Francisco, Berlin, etc.) are increasingly incorporating the bicycle as not merely a leisurely or alternative mode of transportation, but stitching it into their infrastructural fabric as the mode of choice. This has led to such problem-solving debates related to bike lane widths, physically separated lanes, adjacencies to traffic, proximities to sidewalks, etc. But, more interestingly, it has led to an emerging culture and market spurred on by the increased growth of cycling and demands a reappraisal of the city’s response to this form of mobility. Our proposal envisions a new city based on a cycling infrastructure that grows atop the existing city.

project info:

Red Hook Bicycle Master Plan competition / SCI-Arc / 2008

project credits:

principals: Ramiro Diaz Granados

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