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Pier Pressure

Miami is hot, flat, and humid. These qualities contribute to the unique geography and climate of the region and the specific make-up of the socio-cultural structures in place. The warm, year-round temperatures promote outdoor activity and draw crowds of vacationers. The vast and flat landscape creates a horizontally compressed relation to the surrounding waters and receives the urban grid without resistance. The dewy air thickens the atmosphere and cultivates an environment of constantly sweating bodies. In addition, Florida is home to the American Alligator, an exothermic (uses external sources of heat to regulate body temperature)  species that, in a sense, embodies these qualities.


Our proposal is a high-performance infrastructural machine that distributes air, moisture, temperature, and bodies through a thickened porous object.

project info:

Pier Museum competition / Arquitectum, Miami / 2009

project credits:

principals: Ramiro Diaz Granados, Kelly Bair

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