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Silver Lining

Mercedes-Benz, the leader in automotive luxury, holds three annual trade shows: international, national, & regional. In 2008 we participated in an invited competition to design the pavilion for their national shows, which take place in 11 major cities. While the brief called for the explicit implementation of signage and display strategies it was the implicit call of dealing with the Mercedes brand in relation to luxury that became the kernel of our proposal. Specifically, within their design guidelines for exhibition, it was the “10 Silver Rules” that we focused on and converted into a Silver Lined atmosphere.

The first statement of the “10 Silver Rules” reads as follows:

“We refined our brand design in line with the evolution of our brand. In so doing, we used the Mercedes-Benz Star, the icon of our brand, as the basis for our new visual identity – one which reflects our origins, history, and personality. Our guiding principle “The star always shines from     above” describes our new design as well as our brand positioning.”

project info:

National Trade Show Pavilion competition / second place / Leipzig, Germany / 2007



project credits:

principals: Ramiro Diaz Granados, Heather Flood, FAR frohn & rojas

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