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Ramiro Diaz Granados


Amorphis is a design office that works on a range of projects. We understand that any designed object, environment, or building is the resolution of complex and often conflicting demands and desires. We resist any singular, ideological or aesthetic identity across our body of work in favor of accumulating specific solutions and expressions in collaboration with clients, consultants, and relevant constituencies. We use disciplinary concerns as a guiding vector to produce work that is part of a collection or ecology of things engaged in the world.

Ramiro is the Principal of Amorphis. He is an expert in the field of architectural design at multiple scales. Ramiro has collaborated on several recognized projects ranging from the small scale of the domestic to the large scale of the urban. He began his career in the field of design-build where he led and managed high-end single and multi-family residential projects from schematic to construction including strategizing with real estate brokers on speculative development. Since then he has expanded his experience to include mixed-use development and large-scale multi-family residential projects. Ramiro is known for his ability to connect the dots between big-picture thinking and execution. His extensive experience in design, fabrication and on-site construction management has contributed to his ethos of streamlining the process of design and production and the management of budgets while maintaining a high standard of design excellence.

Ramiro received his Bachelor of Architecture from SCI-Arc in 1996 and a Master of Architecture from UCLA in 2003 during which he was awarded the Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill Traveling Fellowship in Architecture.


From 1997-2003 he was co-principal of a design-build firm where he designed and built over 20 high-end single and multi-family residential projects in the Los Angeles area and Mexico. His professional and academic work has been published in various magazines and books in the United States, Mexico, and Europe. From 2003 - 2005 he worked with the award- winning firm Gnuform as a lead designer as well as collaborated with Johnston MarkLee. From 2005-present he has won or placed in a handful of competitions and has participated in several exhibitions and installations.


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