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The exhibition explores the condition of unstable and broken figures through a series of object/sculptures and object/drawings. The traditional devices of the frame and the base are not simply passive support elements. They participate in the dance of the destabilized figure through its movement with and away from the typically tethering surfaces of floor and wall.


Contrapposto (counterpose) has been used since the ancient Greeks invented it to depict a vital and dynamic body: the human figure in relation to gravity, weight, mass, and motion. Historically, these tended to be idealized, culminating in the notion of beauty defined during the Renaissance. This tension, between a self-conscious figure and an unwitting pose, is what’s at stake in the exhibition Crollopposto.

project info:

Exhibition / Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery / 2013

Artist Grant / Dept of Cultural Affairs

project credits:

principal: Ramiro Diaz Granados, Matthew Au

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