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Relief Package

Relief Package is an architectural proposal for an Agricultural Training Center and Innovation Lab in Allensworth, CA. Allensworth, a neglected town in California's Central Valley, is the first town founded, financed, and governed by Black Americans. Colonel Allen Allensworth, its founder, was an army chaplain and educator born into slavery in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1842. The town has suffered serious economic setbacks due to Sante Fe Railroad relocating its rail stop and a failing water supply (in addition to drought, arsenic was found in the water supply in the 1960's). Despite the fact that the California is the #1 producer of fruits and vegetables in the country, there is a lack of fresh food access for the locals and laborers. This project seeks to remedy this with a monumental proposal aimed at drawing attention to the town in order to revitalize its economy.

This was for a competition in 2023 sponsored by Architecture at Zero. The competition brief was much more modest and liberties were taken to expand the program and its performative roles.

project info:

Competition Entry / Building-event / 2023

project credits:

principal: Ramiro Diaz Granados 

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