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Go Figure

This project is about the delineation of an iconic figure and its spatial, tectonic, and affective qualities. In Greg Lynn’s Slavin House, a conventional truss (composed of segmented parts and legible joints) is exchanged for a continuously curved one where segmentation is eradicated and joints are tangential, reading more like a doodle than a rational solution. This tectonic figure is based on the topology of the trefoil knot and becomes the impetus for internal volumes which are extruded in and booleaned out. In this case, the delineation of the figure is restricted to a two-dimensional plane: Elevation and volume are kept separate.

Go Figure three-dimensionalizes the delineated and continuously curved figure by exchanging the topological for the iconic and the material limitations of steel pipe for that of aluminum sheet in the form of ruled surfaces.

project info:

Installation / SCI-Arc / 2011

project credits:

principal: Ramiro Diaz-Granados

fabrication and installation:

Matthew Au

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