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Introverted House

Set in Mt. Washington, Los Angeles, this spec house sits in stark contrast to its immediate neighbors. Rather than express the maximized allowable construction along the setbacks and height restrictions (i.e., stairs, balconies, chimneys, eaves, beams, etc.) this project keeps everything taught within its compact frame. Coincidentally, the Specific Plan overlay for Mt. Washington demands uniqueness in style throughout the neighborhood. What a perfect opportunity to go introverted. While the exterior is quite muted, the interiors are composed of discrete objects and surfaces that make for rich environments.

project info:

Spec House / unbuilt / 2010-11

project credits:

principal: Ramiro Diaz Granados

design team:

Ramiro Diaz-Granados

design development team:

Emily Chen

structural consulting:

Emily Chen


Casey Benito

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