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Green Medium

Our proposal recognizes the inevitability of the inflation of flows surrounding the Schindler House and pulls from them more delicate features with which to wrap the House. The building acts as a hardened, refined object that stirs the larger currents at its edges into coherent form and program at its own scale. This peripheral array of features then supports the House anew in the way the original horizontal landscape geometry provided structure for the layout of the interior. Indeed, the walls are simply extensions of the landscape folded into the vertical plane, then lifted at their midsection to allow the House to breathe. The folds thus created bear scalar relation to the nooks, crannies, and crenellations of the building and are filled with plants, water, light, and color. Large enough to flow with the surrounding urbanism yet finely detailed enough to resonate with the morphology of the building, the walls create a soft, greenish medium in which the Schindler House is suspended.

project info:

Vertical Garden competition / MAK Center / 2006

project credits:

principal: Ramiro Diaz Granados, Jason Payne

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