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CHUB, or ‘central hub’, is an 18’ diameter table that was designed for the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Initially a call for a new Board of Directors Table that would seat up to 25 people and promote an egalitarian environment, our proposal extends that model to serve the multiple sized bodies within the school including the Board of Directors, the Administration, the Students, and the Faculty. 


CHUB is made of eleven individual tables, or chubbies, that are mounted on casters so that they can be relocated throughout the school for use by individuals and small groups. The eleven chubbies ‘dock’ around a wired core that is permanently located in the library. Lime green ‘power strips’ radiate out from the central core to provide power, USB, and internet to all of the chubbies.  When all eleven chubbies are ‘docked’, they form a continuous table top for large group meetings and teaching or lecturing purposes.  

project info:

SCI-Arc competition winner / furniture / 2006-7

project credits:

principal: Ramiro Diaz Granados, Heather Flood


James Barge, Josh Mun, Markus Imhof, Emilio Pacioles, Jesse Madrid, Barkev Daron, Chuy Le, Patrick Latona, Yu Ping Hsieh

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