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For the SCI-Arc Graduation Pavilion, we propose a diaphanous object that yields a flexible space for limited activities and an icon that marks the schools' presence at an urban intersection. Rather than fixate on its central and singular use as a graduation pavilion, it has been tailored for daily use across a limited range of formal and informal activities specific to the outdoors and the So Cal climate. These include lectures, seminar gatherings, orientation, lunch truck depot, informal dinners, etc. As SCI-Arc finds itself swelling from the inside in terms of gathering space, an initial impulse

of providing an auxiliary room (fully enclosed) was curbed in favor of an open-air and diaphanous structure, similar to the current and previous examples. This decision is primarily related to the privileging of formal and tectonic experimentation (that comes with a high degree of risk) over function and problem-solving. 

project info:

Graduation Pavilion competition / SCI-Arc / 2013

project credits:

principals: Ramiro Diaz Granados, Matthew Au

Assistants: Mike Woodruff, Yogi Yoswara, Nedi Dimova

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