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Near Repetition

This project imagines Split Shift Stack as a prototype for the entire block: 90 units across three levels over a commercial/service ground floor. Accepting repetition as part of the economy of housing development, the project introduces a strategy of repetition that is difficult if not impossible, to detect. A near repetition that provides spaces for the dwellers to mark their territory with individuated artifacts such as planters or statues.

The units are laid out so that four units share a patio, allowing extended families to live nearby for social and practical purposes. The ground level is oriented perpendicular to the street and provides commercial and service functions to support a vibrant social fabric.

project info:

Worker's Housing / Queretaro, Mexico / unbuilt /




project credits:

principals: Ramiro Diaz-Granados, RNThomsen Architecture

design development team:

Ramiro Diaz Granados, Russell Thomsen, Daniel Hapton

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